Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Vacation Time

We recently took a short trip to Austin for a few days. We got to see the Capitol and the Botanical Gardens. We went to the famous Voodoo Donuts, which wasn't that good actually and then did some other site seeing. It was a lot of fun. Austin is a really cool place to visit.

Inside the Capitol building:

On our last day there, they had a Christmas parade:

Botanical Gardens:

Picture update 2

So most of these are way out of order. But this is how the program loads them and it's not user friendly when you try to move them around:

Halloween this year - Miles was dressed as a soccer player (shocker) and old enough to go off from the adult group to Trick or Treat with his friends. I don't have any pics of him because of that.
Avery was a nerd. She picked out the outfit herself:

Avery's birthday announcement at school - one of the teachers took this for us:

Daddy volunteered at Avery's field trip to a farm this school year:

 Lunch with my guy:

Self entertaining one weekend:

Friend's bday:


Christmas 2016 - didn't take many this year:

Nutcracker on ice - our friends have a daughter in it:

Christmas parties at school:

Reading and Language Arts - Ms. Ross 5th grade:

Math and Science - Ms. Landrum - 5th:

Miles at his Christmas party making a pretzel/marshmallow man:

 Ms. Coleman - 1st grade - Christmas party:

Ms. Katz - Librarian

Avery at her Christmas party:

Our Christmas tree this year:

Decorating the tree after the school parties. Officially xmas break:

At the Nutcracker:

Avery's mermaid tail for xmas:

Miles 5th grade class had a field trip to biz town which is an interactive city where the students run the mock businesses. Miles was the CFO of the newspaper. I volunteered and was put in the real estate office. He had a great time and I was told he did a fantastic job as CFO. I on the other hand had a rough go in the business I was helping in. We were missing 4 of the 8 students that were supposed to work there and the only one who didn't need his hand held was our CFO. The whole concept is that the kids get to experience of what is involved in running a business or a city. There was a mayor, police officers, grocery store, radio station, tax office, bank, insurance company, tech center, etc. Each business had a loan and had to work throughout the day from profits to repay the loan. It was pretty complicated and I have to say I wasn't prepared for how much help my group would need, especially cause most had to take on 2 jobs cause the rest were absent. Miles loved it though and most of the kids had a lot of fun.

Newspaper crew:

CFO hard at work: